Where is Latin America’s Silicon Valley?

Posted on 10 de maio de 2011 por


San Francisco has its Silicon Valley, London now has its Silicon Roundabout, so what about Latin America? Is there a one-stop destination to connect with the local Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking startup scene?

To cut to the chase, the answer is no, at least not yet, but there are several hubs that are definitely worth a visit. Here is an overview from North to South.

Staying in North America is easy if that is where you are based but it might not be the best option: though Mexico or even Miami could act as natural stops due to their geographical closeness to the American West Coast, their tech scenes aren’t as lively as other Latin American cities’ – maybe for that exact reason. Still, there are interesting initiatives around Mexico, such as Silicon Valley’s seed stage fund for Mexican startups, Mexican.vc, or the “Monterrey, International City of Knowledge” program – Monterrey being the hometown to world-class university ITESM, also known as Monterrey Tech.

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